Platform of train station, Sète, France

I snapped this photo from the platform of the train station in Sète last fall, as Kathryn and I waited for our train back to Montpellier. It was a sunny and somewhat hazy afternoon; converting the photo to black-and-white made it look a bit less washed out. There’s nothing particularly distinctive about this platform or … Continue reading Platform of train station, Sète, France

Afternoon in Sète

Sète is a coastal city in southern France, located a short drive from Montpellier, where I used to live. Sète has the vibe of a busy fishing village, making it a fun place to visit for an afternoon. I’d occasionally come for a seafood lunch at one of the tourist restaurants along the canals, then stroll to the harbor and along the shore.

Letter from Stuttgart

It’s early afternoon, Monday, October 4, and I’m starting this letter in the train station at Karlsruhe, Germany. I came here from Baden-Baden this morning, where I spent the weekend recovering from two weeks of getting up early for class, spending many afternoons at the beach, and staying up too late almost every night. In … Continue reading Letter from Stuttgart