Brief update from wherever I am

As a brief update to my friends and family, so far this undisclosed event I’m attending has exceeded my expectations. I’ve heard from four speakers today who expressed some rather non-conventional ideas, and I’ve learned a ton. Then, by chance, I ended up sharing drinks with two of the speakers and their spouses at a … Continue reading Brief update from wherever I am

Rise and shine, a gorgeous Friday morning

It’s a gorgeous Friday morning where I am. I slept rather well. It’s at least 30 degrees cooler — by the way, that’s degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who aren’t ‘Murican — than when I set up camp yesterday afternoon. Much like Tom Brady’s balls, scientific laws explain why my air mattress felt somewhat … Continue reading Rise and shine, a gorgeous Friday morning

Leaving the comfort zone for a mystery road trip

For the next several days, I’m stepping way, way out of my comfort zone. I’ve left on a solo road trip that I’m being deliberately vague about. Back in January, a frequent commenter on a blog I’ve been reading for over five years suggested a get-together for the community. I’ve seen such suggestions before, but … Continue reading Leaving the comfort zone for a mystery road trip

Home, sweet home

After talking a break for coffee and a sweet in Wickenburg, we’re home again in Phoenix. Our tea-time stop was someplace new for us, Bedoian’s Bakery & Bistro. It was a great place for a snack, but we didn’t find the 4 pm closing time particularly convenient in light of our 3:40 pm arrival. Fortunately … Continue reading Home, sweet home

Yet another weekend road trip to Las Vegas

We’re about to set out on yet another weekend road trip to Las Vegas. This time we’ve booked The Orleans, a sister property of Gold Coast, which is where we stayed last time. The rates for this weekend were about the same at each place. However, The Orleans has a nicer pool area, which starts to … Continue reading Yet another weekend road trip to Las Vegas

Smith System driving course: Is it worth your time?

If you ever get an opportunity to take a Smith System driving course, take it. When I started my current job almost four years ago, my employer required me to take a full-day Smith System driving class, even though my job seldom sees me more than a few feet from the computer, much less behind … Continue reading Smith System driving course: Is it worth your time?

St. Joan of Arc, Domrémy-la-Pucelle

On the way to Luxembourg yesterday, we got off the autoroute for a while, enjoyed a spirited drive through bucolic French countryside, and visited the birthplace of St. Joan of Arc in Domrémy-la-Pucelle. Owing in part to the inclement weather and bad traffic we encountered earlier along the route, we arrived fifteen minutes too late … Continue reading St. Joan of Arc, Domrémy-la-Pucelle

Safe arrival in Las Vegas

It turns out people use this blog to check in on us when we travel. Kathryn and I hadn’t yet made it to Kingman when she received a text message from a concerned friend wondering if we were okay. Yes, the road from Phoenix to Las Vegas is not the safest of journeys, but to set minds at ease, we arrived in one piece and checked into our room a few minutes ago.

Halfway from Phoenix to Las Vegas: Wikieup, Arizona

On previous trips, we’ve often stopped at the Wikieup Trading Post. They make a pretty mean patty melt. The problem is that it became played out for us, stopping the same place every time. That, and the fact their bathrooms are beyond disgusting. This time, we stopped at Dazzo’s Chicago Style Eatery. I can’t speak from experience to the authenticity of the place, but the food was pretty good.