Pizzeria Bocce, our Saturday dinner ritual in Cottonwood

Saturday dinner at Pizzeria Bocce has become something of a ritual for Kathryn and me when we camp in Cottonwood. Dining at a slightly pretentious pizzeria with a wine bar may not seem much like camping, but we’ve had an enjoyable meal every time we’ve eaten here.

Dining like royalty in Gila Bend

A couple times a year, my good friend Dan — an occasional commenter on this blog — travels to Arizona with his mom to spend a week or so with his aunt in Yuma. Typically during those visits he leaves the ladies in Yuma for a day and drives to Phoenix to see Kathryn and me. We were expecting … Continue reading Dining like royalty in Gila Bend

Arrival in Johannesburg, dinner of pizza and wine

We arrived in Johannesburg late yesterday afternoon. After fetching our bags, we rode the spotless Gautrain light rail to the stop closest to our hosts’ home, then took an Uber van the last few miles. We had a lovely dinner out at a nearby pizza place, accompanied by another sauvignon blanc we happened to have … Continue reading Arrival in Johannesburg, dinner of pizza and wine

Last day in Las Vegas

It turns out I didn’t get the sunrise photos I wanted on our last day in Las Vegas. It was raining when the sun came up and still raining when we left the hotel, although the rain let up early in the morning. We did find a decent donut shop, found a beautiful Sunday Mass, and had lunch with our friend Kerrie, with whom we couldn’t connect Friday evening.

Bottoms Up Pizza, a tasteful double entendre in Richmond

Bottoms Up Pizza was one of my regular places to eat when I lived in Richmond, at least in part because it was walking distance from my apartment in the Tobacco Row area. It is located in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood, hence the name. Indeed, it’s at the very bottom of Shockoe Bottom. A line on the wall near the entrance shows customers how high the flood water rose in the aftermath of Hurricane Gaston in 2004.

Purchasing the Carte Orange week-long Metro pass, Paris

After a couple days of getting familiar with Paris and getting some relaxing quiet time together, Monday was the day Kirsten and I really began the hard-core sight-seeing in earnest, despite the fact that we slept in pretty late, lingered through breakfast, and left the room after noon. Our first order of business was to … Continue reading Purchasing the Carte Orange week-long Metro pass, Paris