Aigues-Mortes walled city from the ramparts

On a day trip from Montpellier a couple years ago, Kathryn and I spent a winter morning touring the walled city of Aigues-Mortes, France. While the city is a popular stop for tourists, you can tell from the television antennas and satellite dishes in the photo that normal people still live inside these walls, as they have since … Continue reading Aigues-Mortes walled city from the ramparts

Hockey in Montpellier

It’s the second intermission of the first French hockey match I’ve ever attended. The Montpellier Vipers are hosting the Avignon Something-or-Others. Here are some of my impressions: It’s not much of a crowd. I’d measure the turnout in hundreds, not thousands. Then again, this is a Division 2 match, and since the premier French league … Continue reading Hockey in Montpellier

Train ride to Carcassonne

It’s about 7:15 am, around the time we’ve been getting out of bed most mornings since our arrival in France, but today we’ve been awake over two hours and are more than one hour into our train ride to Carcassonne. The train rolled out of the station on Beziers several minutes ago, and as the … Continue reading Train ride to Carcassonne

Sunday Mass at Cathedrale St. Pierre

One of the great things about visiting France is being able to attend Sunday Mass in an impressive, medieval stone cathedral like this one in Montpellier: As luck would have it, this cathedral even had a bishop in it this morning. The retired bishop was present to celebrate an event for the young children of … Continue reading Sunday Mass at Cathedrale St. Pierre