It’s Monday morning in Kruger National Park, our last morning here. In a couple hours we’ll be on the road back to Johannesburg, although we’ll be going by a different route. I’m drinking my morning coffee with my back to the wall because I’ve already seen a baboon roaming around. There are workers whose job … Continue reading

It’s Sunday morning here in Kruger National Park, and I’m enjoying my coffee to the sound and smell of a light rain. Bats seem to like the thatch roofs of our current chalettes, so the other smell is bat excrement. I’m slowly getting used to it. We knew it was going to be hard to … Continue reading

I’ll keep my morning coffee post somewhat short this morning. I woke up earlier than usual, and I was rewarded with twilight over the Sabie River. The skies are still overcast, for which I am grateful, but I’m not expecting to see a full-blown sunrise. I can hear the distinctive grunts of the hippopotamuses as … Continue reading

This is our third day in Kruger National Park, and somehow each new day surpasses the last. Today we traveled from Satara to a camp further south, about a seven-hour drive including breaks and wildlife stops. The weather was considerably cooler than the last three days, and with overcast skies we could mostly forego the … Continue reading

It’s just after 6 am, and I’m enjoying my first morning coffee in Kruger National Park. After a long drive here from Johannesburg yesterday, none of us was eager for an early rise. However, the camp gates do open at 4:30 am, and the wildlife viewing changes throughout the day, so we’ll get out early … Continue reading

After about nine hours of driving, we’ve arrived at our camp in Kruger National Park. Since entering the park, we’ve already sighted impalas, zebras, kudu, wildebeests, baboons, giraffes, and elephants, among others. However, the most exciting sighting was a lone male leopard, which we spotted only ten minutes after entering the park, resting in the … Continue reading