Delta missed connection in Minneapolis

We missed our connection in Minneapolis by minutes. It looks like our baggage didn’t make it either. Luckily there’s another flight to Phoenix in a couple hours. We had a confirmed reservation on the later flight before we even stepped off the flight from Paris, but unfortunately we no longer have assigned seats.

Delta ground delay in Paris

We’ve boarded our flight in Paris, but it’s still parked at the gate. It’s just as well, since we opened our Delta apps to discover our bags are indeed on the airplane, but they didn’t arrive there until four minutes after the flight was scheduled to depart. Our connection in Minneapolis is going to be … Continue reading Delta ground delay in Paris

Delta timely connection in Salt Lake City

We made the connection in Salt Lake City with about twenty minutes to spare. My view for the next ten hours or so: Kathryn and I are in window and aisle seats, which is quite nice. The plane is a Boeing 767. I’ll┬ábe incommunicado until Paris for sure, and more likely until our destination.

Credit where due at Sky Harbor, particularly to TSA

We’re at the airport in Phoenix, and it’s time to give some credit where it’s due. First, when we arrived at the self check-in kiosk, we got a message telling us we were misconnected at Salt Lake City. The Delta personnel who resolved the situation were patient and friendly. After having the agent check several … Continue reading Credit where due at Sky Harbor, particularly to TSA