Sunday Mass at Cathedrale St. Pierre

One of the great things about visiting France is being able to attend Sunday Mass in an impressive, medieval stone cathedral like this one in Montpellier: As luck would have it, this cathedral even had a bishop in it this morning. The retired bishop was present to celebrate an event for the young children of … Continue reading Sunday Mass at Cathedrale St. Pierre

Richmond, Virginia: Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

When I lived in Richmond, I wasn’t much of a church-goer. In the three years I lived there, I can count the number of times I attended Mass on one hand. Zero. Now, seven years later, attendance at Sunday Mass is part of my life. I don’t intentionally miss it. When planning our recent visit to Richmond, I found the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart has a Mass at 5:15 pm on Saturdays. It was a particularly convenient time, shortly after our arrival in town. It was also within walking distance of our hotel. We had a winner.