El Cosmico: Three nights of almost glamping in Marfa, Texas

During my recent trip to Marfa, Texas, I spent three nights at El Cosmico. To call El Cosmico a campground would hardly be accurate, as it’s clear the bulk of its revenue doesn’t come from cheapskate self-campers like me. In fact, the property is often listed as a hotel in tourist publications. It’s better known … Continue reading El Cosmico: Three nights of almost glamping in Marfa, Texas

Alone in a strange place, wondering if I’m crazy

Thursday morning last week, I woke up alone in a two-star hotel by the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere. The hotel was at least superficially aspiring to a third star, but a fresh carpet, a thin coat of paint, and a waffle iron can only hide so much. Its two-star standing … Continue reading Alone in a strange place, wondering if I’m crazy

Pizzeria Bocce, our Saturday dinner ritual in Cottonwood

Saturday dinner at Pizzeria Bocce has become something of a ritual for Kathryn and me when we camp in Cottonwood. Dining at a slightly pretentious pizzeria with a wine bar may not seem much like camping, but we’ve had an enjoyable meal every time we’ve eaten here.

Lunch at Hog Wild BBQ, Cottonwood

After a couple meals in the campsite, we decided to venture out and try something new for lunch today. We found a barbecue restaurant just a few minutes’ drive from the park. Seeing the smoker operating in the back parking lot gave us reason to be optimistic as we arrived. Kathryn had a beef brisket … Continue reading Lunch at Hog Wild BBQ, Cottonwood

Yet another beautiful morning in Cottonwood

We’re enjoying yet another beautiful morning camping in Cottonwood. We’re halfway through our first cups of coffee as the rising sun fills the valley with daylight. The gazebo we had earlier this year failed on our last camping trip and found its way into a local dumpster. Over the summer we replaced it with the … Continue reading Yet another beautiful morning in Cottonwood

Another beautiful morning

It’s another beautiful morning in Cottonwood. Kathryn and I have had our first cups of coffee, and Kathryn is busy taking photos of the crescent moon. The first signs of twilight are appearing on the horizon, with sunrise expected in about 45 minutes. It’s cold enough for sweatshirts and jackets, but not cold enough for … Continue reading Another beautiful morning

First glance at Iceland

The flight to Iceland was uneventful. The international airport in Keflavik is small but seems very modern, although the lack of a jetway was surprising. I was through immigration control in a few minutes, and I arrived at the baggage carousel at the same time my bag did. I don’t think it took more than 15 minutes from leaving the plane to leaving the terminal.