People watching during a three-hour happy hour in Montpellier

Almost as rare as a jackalope sighting, this bar in the square beneath our apartment in Montpellier had a three-hour happy hour! It was still considerably more expensive than what I’d expect to pay for a pint of domestic beer at a local joint in Phoenix — but, oh, the people-watching!

Friday in the City of Lights

We arrived safely in Paris yesterday in the early afternoon. We found the Gare de l’Est train station with no problem, but there were multiple parking garages at the station and it wasn’t obvious which one was for returning rental cars. After about fifteen minutes in the wrong garage we found the right one, completed … Continue reading Friday in the City of Lights

Cassoulet languedocien, enjoying a hearty lunch in Carcassonne

One of the things you’re supposed to do when you visit Carcassonne is to try the cassoulet, a dish made with meat and white beans, served like a stew. Kathryn got a photo of hers before she dug in. Our cassoulet was made with a pork sausage and had a roasted duck thigh too. The … Continue reading Cassoulet languedocien, enjoying a hearty lunch in Carcassonne

Enjoying our last deep-fried Oreos at Mermaids in Las Vegas

One of my favorite treats in Downtown Las Vegas is the deep-fried Oreos at the snack bar at Mermaids, a dumpy little dive of a casino on Fremont Street. The double order Kathryn and I shared this past Saturday afternoon set us back $2.14, tax included. This will almost certainly be our last order, since … Continue reading Enjoying our last deep-fried Oreos at Mermaids in Las Vegas

Nora’s Cuisine

When Kathryn and I make our regular road trips to Las Vegas, we typically leave Phoenix after work Friday, in the middle of the afternoon. If all goes well, we arrive in Las Vegas in the early evening. Usually we arrive without any specific plans, and we just sort of wing it. There’s no shortage of things to do there, but we often feel like we could have used our arrival evening more wisely. So last week, before leaving Phoenix, I decided to make a dinner reservation for 8:30.

Dazzo’s in Wikieup, Chicago hot dogs halfway from Phoenix to Las Vegas

On previous trips, we’ve often stopped at the Wikieup Trading Post. They make a pretty mean patty melt. The problem is that it became played out for us, stopping the same place every time. That, and the fact their bathrooms are beyond disgusting. This time, we stopped at Dazzo’s Chicago Style Eatery. I can’t speak from experience to the authenticity of the place, but the food was pretty good.