Croatian beer: Ožjusko and Karlovačko

The local beer was generally one of two brands, Ožjusko and Karlovačko. The quality of both was inconsistent, especially when served on tap. A couple times I was poured beer that tasted almost stale, leading me at first to believe the way the bars were storing and serving the beer was the problem, not the beer itself.

After several days, appetite returns in Split, Croatia

I knew my appetite would eventually come back, and it finally did last night. I haven’t really wanted to eat since I was in Poland, so I ended up missing out on Hungarian cuisine altogether, which is almost a crime, given its multitude of influences. All I really ate in Hungary were some light snacks … Continue reading After several days, appetite returns in Split, Croatia

Arriving and finding accommodation in Split, Croatia

I arrived in Split, Croatia, this afternoon. Finding accommodation was not a huge problem, but I did have to turn a room down. A little old lady met passengers coming off the train and offered a room. I’ve had good luck getting rooms this way, so I decided to try again. It was painful to … Continue reading Arriving and finding accommodation in Split, Croatia

Arbeit macht frei: Day trip to the Auschwitz concentration camps

As I entered the first Auschwitz camp, I walked through the visitors center where there’s a display of last words left by prisoners, often scratched in pencil on prison walls. I read about two of them and had to leave the room because I thought I was going to burst into tears. The displays about the camp’s officers were considerably less emotional.

Improvising to deal with language issues in Poland

Until I arrived in Poland, I didn’t really have any language issues. In England, of course, they speak English. In Iceland, the Netherlands, and Denmark, nearly everyone speaks English in addition to his mother tongue, and most signs are also in English. In Germany, this is less the case, but I speak German well enough … Continue reading Improvising to deal with language issues in Poland

Digital camera failure near beginning of trip

Unfortunately, my digital camera died a few days into my trip. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but I put four fresh batteries in it, and it still shows low battery and won’t power up. I suspected something was wrong with it before I left and almost bought a new one. If I see … Continue reading Digital camera failure near beginning of trip

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Those of you who have been to Berlin before may remember that, unlike most German cities, it didn’t have a “Hauptbahnhof”, a main train station. Most tourists coming from the west arrived at the Berlin Zoologischer Garten station, often simply called “Berlin Zoo”, which was a small, crowded, overworked station in a very seedy part … Continue reading Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Berlin, Germany: Keeping properly hydrated

Earlier this morning, I bought a 1.5-liter bottle of mineral water while waiting for a train. I was a little surprised that I was able to drink it in about ten minutes. Mostly I’ve been drinking coffee and beer the past couple weeks, and I’ve been sweating a lot as I walk around cities or haul my pack around train stations, so I was probably poorly hydrated.


I’m in Berlin for the night. I’ve been here before, so I’m not really visiting, but I got a great rail fare from Copenhagen to here. I plan to hole up for the night, watch a little CNN, and continue east in the morning. I found a reasonably cheap hotel room in a quiet part of the city, and I’m ready to chill.

Shout out

I wanna give a shout-out to my family. They’re keeping an eye on my place while I’m away and e-mailing me updates from home. They’re also taking care of some small chores for me, and it’s making my trip a lot easier. Thanks, y’all! Peace out.